The Latest AdwCleaner v8.1 is the latest version of AdwCleaner which functions to remove various adware, browser hijackers, toolbars, and various other annoying adware. Maybe you have experienced that your browser is full of advertisements of unknown origin and is very annoying when you want to browse the internet. If you are unfamiliar with this kind of thing, of course removing this kind of ad is very difficult. Therefore this time we share the program Latest AdwCleaner this is to help you get rid of all those annoying ads.

By using the latest AdwCleaner software you can easily find all the adware installed on your PC and then permanently remove them. This means that you won’t find strange advertisements in your browser anymore. Display software interface Latest AdwCleaner it’s also very simple. All you have to do is open the program, then click scan, then click clean. Yes, that’s right, in this very easy way, you can get rid of all the adware embedded in your PC or laptop.

AdwCleaner Terbaru options are described below:
  • / DisableAskDetection – This option disables Ask Toolbar detection.
  • / DisableIEDetection – This option disables Internet Explorer specific detections.
  • / DisableFFDetection – This option disables Firefox specific detections.
  • / DisableChromeDetection – This option disables detections for Chrome & Chromium based browsers.
  • / DisableOperaDetection – This option disables Opera specific detections.
  • / DisableProxyDetection – This option disables Internet Proxy detections. Whats New:
  • [ADD] – Avoid running more than one AdwCleaner instance at the same time
  • [ADD] – Ukrainian translation
  • [UPD] – Display tabs with detected elements only.
  • [UPD] – Polish translation
  • [UPD] – Turkish translation
  • [UPD] – Bulgarian translation
  • [UPD] – Improve paths format (Logs & UI)
  • [UPD] – Improve Firefox preferences scan
  • [UPD] – Improve Registry scan
  • [UPD] – Database 2016-09-14.2
  • [BUG] – Fix & improve DNS scan
  • [BUG] – Fix & improve scan shortcuts
  • [BUG] – Fix Firefox scan crash
  • [BUG] – Fix AppInit_DLLs detection & logging
Latest AdwCleaner1

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AdwCleaner 8.1 (8 Mb)


AdwCleaner 8.1 (8 Mb)