How to Download a File From Google Drive Has Flagged as a Virus

if you want to download a file from Google Drive, and it says “Sorry, this file is infected with a virus”

Sometimes it’s not a virus, it’s a software keygen patch that google responds to as a virus.

To download it, you only need to follow the easy steps below.

  1. You need to click on “add shortcut to google drive” which is in the top right corner, then click add shortcut

2. after that, you need to open your google drive at, then select the file and right click then select make a copy

3. then, right click on the copy of the file and select download

4. and the last step, there will appear like this and you just click download

That’s the only way to open files marked as viruses on Google Drive, if you still don’t understand, please watch the following video